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100 Pablo Picassos

100 Pablo Picassos


By duopress labs. Illustrated by Violet Lemay


A vividly illustrated, remarkably original—and amusing—introduction to the life of Pablo Picasso


  • Readers will learn about Pablo Picasso in a new fun
    —and accessible—format.

  • An enjoyable and truly different kind of biography and counting book

  • A great gift to celebrate the 100th Day of School

  • A wonderful introduction to modern art 


8 x 9 3/4 inches - 32 pages - Paper Over Board - ISBN: 9781938093326




Pablo Picasso is one of the most celebrated artists in the world, and
this amusing book shows his life in a remarkably original way. By featuring 100 Pablo Picassos throughout the book, young readers will explore the artist's life from his childhood, to his major contributions to modern art, and from his love for pets to his endless curiosity about life. The book also invites readers to count the Picassos all the way to a 100, adding an entertaining element to discover the life and work of the great Pablo Picasso.


Praise for 100 Pablo Picassos

"This is an utterly charming and informative tour through the life and career of Pablo Picasso. Enhanced by the wonderful art of Violet Lemay, this book cleverly introduces the work of the great 20th Century master to a new generation. Absolutely delightful!”

—Anne Girard, author of Madame Picasso"

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About the creative team

Violet Lemay is an award-winning illustrator whose children's books include Beach Doodles, Doodle Chicago, Doodle New York, My Foodie ABC, and New York Baby.
Her work has appeared in American Baby, Better Homes and Gardens, Elle, Family Circle, the New York Times, Parent and Child, and The Wall Street Journal


duopress is dedicated to the creation of children’s books and gifts with a fun spirit and contemporary style. Founded in New York City in 2007, duopress aims to design innovative books that stimulate children’s imagination, language development, and sense of play.

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