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102 Things to Do Before You Are Due

By Dawn Dais.

A practical and entertaining handbook with 102 tips for expectant parents. These proven tips and to-do items provide fun and solid advice to prepare for a new baby while enjoying every month of the pregnancy.
  • For expectant moms and dads who are eager to enjoy a stress-free and fun pregnancy.

  • A smart and humorous baby shower gift.

 5 x 7 inches - 160 pages - Paperback - ISBN: 9781947458499


Whether your pregnancy was an "oopsie" or stemmed from intricately charted ovulation cycles, you are most likely going to kick off the party with a home pregnancy test. Or ten. And there you'll be, staring at a little stick and waiting for it to change your entire life. It's positive! This is the beginning of your most important story. But what do you do next? First: Freak out. Next...? Well, that's a different story. Dawn Dais, author of the series The Sh!t No One Tells You About, has compiled 102 tips and to-dos that will get you up to speed for the biggest changes in your life–from the practical (prepare freezer meals), to the serious (check your blood sugar), the seemingly-frivolous-but-actually-really-important (go out with your husband or girlfriends to that restaurant you love).

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