"A lovely portrait of kindness without borders". Publishers Weekly



Babies Around the World

By Puck. Art by Violet Lemay

  • A response to the demand for more diversity in children’s books.

  • A fun, creative way to learn about the world and the diversity of our planet.

  • A fantastic introduction to simple greetings in different languages.


7  x 7 inches - 20 pages - Board book - ISBN: 9781938093876



Bonjour! Ça va? Say hello to international babies as you tour the world from morning to nighttime. The journey starts on a sunny day in New York City and ends on a beautiful San Francisco night, with stops in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Cape Town, Cairo, Beijing, and Tokyo. These friendly babies welcome us to their cities with delightful greetings in their original languages (with English translations) in a simple narration that will appeal to any global mini citizen.



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