The Future is Ours

Feminist Stickers to Express Yourself

A timely topic: Feminism and feminist issues are regularly making headlines and starting conversations, both in kids' and young adult communities in the US and internationally.
  • a hot trend: stickers are back! Stickers, especially those targeted at self-expression, empowerment, and activism, are extremely popular on sites like Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • An amazing list of contributors: Monica Alexander, Erica De Chavez, Em Goheen, and Chelsea O'Mara Holeman.

  • A great variety: The stickers are dived into different subjects, such as: Friendship; Me, Me, Me; Fantasy and Fun; Political; Activism; and more.

 7 x 9 inches - 24 pages - Sticker book - ISBN: 9781947458543


It is time to express yourself and change the world, one sticker at a time. This empowering book includes hundreds of tear-resistant vinyl stickers for feminists with a cause. Illustrated by an amazing—and diverse—sisterhood of young artists, these stickers celebrate the fearless messages and icons of the feminist movement. Stick them to your laptop, phone, notebook, water bottle, or wherever you feel like it.

Your book, your choice.

The future is female; the future is ours!


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