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Free Resources for Remote Learning 

and Fun Coloring Pages

Our social media pages have many of our activity pages.

Hello Garden Bugs.png
Hello Baby Animals.png

We have coloring pages for our High-Contrast Books:

Learn more about High-Contrast Books here: 

Library Babies.png

We have two activities for Library Babies:

Learn more about Library Babies in this book: 

LB_My Home Library_cover (1).jpg

Create your 

own home library

LB_general activity kit_cover.jpg

Download the activity kit

Obamas (1).png

Download an activity kit for The Obamas

Learn more about Barack and Michele Obama in this book: 

Babies Around the World Dancing.png

Download an activity kit for Babies Around the World Dancing

Dance around the world with this book: 

Superhero Playbook.png

Find more about superheroes with this book:

Download an activity kit for Superhero Playbook / Courtesy of Adam Blackman @826NYC

ABC Animals.png

Learn more about our SmartFlash cards here:

100 Pablo Picassos.png

Download a Portrait Activity Based on 100 Pablo Picassos

Learn more about this great artist in this book: 

Awesome Minds Lego.png

Download an activity kit for Awesome Minds: The Inventors of LEGO Toys

Learn more about the creators of the LEGO toys in this book: 


Get a printable guided journal page by @guidedjournaler 

Download the Teacher's Guide

Have Some Extra Fun with Isabella!


Print out your own Isabella doll or pick a great outfit.


Just click in the images!


Download coloring pages based on our books.

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