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and Fun Coloring Pages

Our social media pages have many of our activity pages.

We have coloring pages for our High-Contrast Books:

Learn more about High-Contrast Books here: 

We have two activities for Library Babies:

Learn more about Library Babies in this book: 

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Create your 

own home library

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Download the activity kit

Download an activity kit for The Obamas

Learn more about Barack and Michele Obama in this book: 

Download an activity kit for Babies Around the World Dancing

Dance around the world with this book: 

Find more about superheroes with this book:

Download an activity kit for Superhero Playbook / Courtesy of Adam Blackman @826NYC

Learn more about our SmartFlash cards here:

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Download a Portrait Activity Based on 100 Pablo Picassos

Learn more about this great artist in this book: 

Download an activity kit for Awesome Minds: The Inventors of LEGO Toys

Learn more about the creators of the LEGO toys in this book: 


Get a printable guided journal page by @guidedjournaler 

Download the Teacher's Guide

Have Some Extra Fun with Isabella!


Print out your own Isabella doll or pick a great outfit.


Just click in the images!


Download coloring pages based on our books.

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Our newest catalog


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