Hello, Baby Animals

By duopress labs / Art by Julissa Mora


A charming introduction in high-contrast to a group of lovely baby animals that will captivate curious babies everywhere!


  • Babies love to look at high-contrast books, specially with animals

  • Perfect for grabbing the attention of the little ones

  • A fun way to introduce the shapes and animals

  • Ideal for teaching babies about the world around them

  • Small and sturdy format, round corners for extra safety


6 x 6 inches - 20 pages - Board Book - ISBN: 9781938093685





Making connections between images on a page and the real world is an important building block for your baby’s communication skills—and this charming introduction to ten baby animals, paired with a friendly text, and bold basic patterns, provide a great high-contrast experience for young developing eyes. The perfect follow up to Hello, Ocean Friends.


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