Hello, Ocean Friends

By duopress labs


A charming introduction in high-contrast to a group of cute sea animals that will captivate curious babies everywhere!


  • Babies love to look at high-contrast books, specially with animals

  • Perfect for grabbing the attention of the little ones

  • A fun way to introduce the ocean, shapes and animals

  • Ideal for teaching babies about the world around them

  • Small and sturdy format, round corners for extra safety


6 x 6 inches - 20 pages - Board Book - ISBN: 9781938093418





In this sturdy and appealing board book, simple and solid-white sports figures pair with bold and colorful sports balls to provide a great high-contrast experience for developing young eyes. By making connections between images on the page and the real world, babies practice the building blocks of communication skills. 


With Hello, Ocean Friends, it’s never too early for parents and children to look at the world, and the things they will enjoy, together.


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