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I Love You, Michigan Baby

Shirley Vernick. Art by Molly Bergin

Beautiful images pair with a lovely narrative to introduce young readers to all things Michigan
  • love letter to the babies and toddlers of the Great Lakes State

  • The perfect gift or souvenir for kids who live in or visit Michigan

  • Small and sturdy format, round corners for extra safety.

6 x 6 inches - 22 pages - Board book - ISBN: 9781946064967



“Michigan Baby, I love you so much. My love for you is longer than the Mackinac Bridge and taller than a lighthouse. My love for
you is brighter than the city lights and as peaceful as a day in our Michigan forests.”


And so it reads in this adorable book about all things Michigan. Cuddly and warm illustrations capture the joy and excitement of being a baby in the Great Lakes State, and the loving text and sweet verses make I Love You, Michigan Baby a love letter to all of Michigan’s newborns and tiny visitors alike.

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